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Resolutions record official acts of the Commission pertaining to adoption of rules, final orders on licensing decisions, any sanctions against individuals or organizations in violation of any rule or statute. Resolutions are approved at Commission meetings and are recorded for public review.


2017-18  Adoption of Final Administrative Rule

2017-17  Renewal of Gaming-Related Vendor License for Bally Gaming, Inc.

2017-16  Key Employee Licenses (Archey, Centers, Davis, Dinh, Kahler, Lester, Miglionico-Poulsen, Primus, Simmons, Smith, Woodward, Yoshikawa)

2017-15  Key Employee Licenses (Bell, Corbetta, Croker, Cunningham, Ehrlich, McGregor, Nicoletti, Perry, Shanks, Wilson)

2017-14  Gaming-Related Vendor License for Micro Gaming Technologies, Inc. and 1 Key Employee License (Bryant)

2017-13  Adoption of Final Administrative Rule

2017-12  Key Employee Licenses (Cherry, Dodd, Dunkeson, Dziak, Germany, Murphy, Nardelli, O'Donnell, Richards, Taylor, Waldron)

2017-11  Key Employee Licenses (Fair, Lim)

2017-10  Gaming-Related Vendor Licenses for Ainsworth Game Technology, Inc. and Ainsworth Game Technology Limited

2017-09  Adoption of Final Administrative Rules

2017-08  Adoption of Final Administrative Rules

2017-07  Key Employee Licenses (Conlon, Crosson, Cuadros, Dreitzer, Freeman, Garfield, Hays, Martinelli, Wolber)

2017-06  Key Employee Licenses (James, Mackin, Moore, Sinopoli, Sottosanti)

2017-05  Key Employee Licenses (Barile, Begrin, Comstock, Ramsey, Sheehan, Couder, Watkins, Williams)

2017-04  Adoption of Final Administrative Rules

2017-03  Adoption of Final Administrative Rules

2017-02  Consideration of Penn National Gaming Debt Transaction

2017-01  Renewal of Gaming-Related Vendor License for Interblock and 3 Key Employee Licenses (Pececnik, Uhan, Zvipelj)


2016-33  Adoption of Final Administrative Rules

2016-32  Key Employee Licenses (Bufalini, Gowen)

2016-31  Gaming-Related Vendor License for Incredible Technologies and 3 Key Employee Licenses (Ditton, Dore, Hodgson)

2016-30  Adoption of Final Administrative Rule

2016-29  Key Employee Licenses (Allison, Ray, Brown, Imai, Takagaki, Yoshimura)

2016-28  Consideration of Updates to JACK Ohio Debt Transaction

2016-27  Adoption of Final Administrative Rules

2016-26  Key Employee Licenses (McGrady, Porter, Wooddell)

2016-25  Consideration of JACK Ohio Debt Transaction

2016-24  Adoption of Final Administrative Rules

2016-23  Key Employee Licenses (Henson, Congemi, Fox, Cribbs, Mavany, Beason, Cohen, Ford, Kennedy Jr., Meister, Perelman, Potts, Quartieri, Regan, Schwartz, Townsend)

2016-22  Renewal of Casino Operator License for Toledo Gaming Ventures, LLC

2016-21  Surety Bond for JACK Cleveland Casino

2016-20  Surety Bond for JACK Cincinnati Casino

2016-19  Key Employee Licenses (Scheibenstock, Schneider, Tansey, Raney, Sanchez, Marshall, Urdang, Jingoli, Naples, Cravens, Poulton)

2016-18  Renewal of Gaming-Related Vendor License for Penn Tenant, LLC

2016-17  Renewal of Gaming-Related Vendor License for GLP Capital

2016-16  Gaming-Related Vendor License for Quintus Landlord, LLC

2016-15  Key Employee Licenses (Hollywood Casino Columbus, JACK Cincinnati Casino, JACK Entertainment, The United States Playing Card Company)

2016-14  IGT Key Employees (1 new, 18 renewals)

2016-13  Key Employee Licenses (Lenders, Murray, Reeve, Zappacosta)

2016-12  Key Employee Licenses (Fortney, Humann, Sheikh, Smith, Sumimoto, Volle)

2016-11  Gaming-Related Vendor License for The United States Playing Card Company and 4 Provisional Key Employee Licenses

2016-10  Key Employee Licenses (Marquardt, DeMarco, Tricano, Valvoda, Fornaro, Rafferty, Smail)

2016-09  Renewal of Key Employee Licenses (Kuzdowicz, Mabbitt)

2016-08  Renewal of Everi Payments, Inc. Gaming-Related Vendor License and Key Employee Licenses 

2016-07  Renewal of Key Employee License (Nasca)

2016-06  Key Employee Licenses (Verde, Barnhill, Nagata, K.Kozuki, Y. Kozuki)

2016-05  Consideration of Request to Extend Refinancing Proposal Approval

2016-04  Provisional Key Employee License (Sumimoto)

2016-03  Key Employee Licenses (Miller, Sullivan, Cutri, Ketema, Powers, Santacreu)

2016-02  Renewal of Key Employee License (Wamsley)

2016-01  Renewal of Casino Operator License for Rock Ohio Caesars Cincinnati, LLC


2015-44  Renewal of Key Employees (Bean, Campuzano, Dishman, Janke, Smart, Ainsworth, Martin)

2015-43  Key Employees (Dumond, Eby, Gregorec, Tomaszewski, White, Williams, Kozuki, Nakano)

2015-42  Consideration of Rock Ohio Caesars Refinancing Proposal

2015-41  Penn National Approval - Ernst & Young LLP as Independent Auditor

2015-40  Provisional Key Employee (Santacreu)

2015-39  Renewal of Ainsworth Game Technology Key Employees (Ainsworth, Campbell, Gladstone, Glaser, Ludski, Yates)

2015-38  Renewal of Key Employees (Cook, Riley)

2015-37  ROC Approval - Deloitte & Touche LLP as Independent Auditor

2015-36  Renewal of Key Employees (Galloway, Green, Quinlan)

2015-35  Key Employees (Vander Cica, Knight, Niekranz)

2015-34  Renewal of Gaming-Related Vendor License for TCS John Huxley America, Inc. and TCS John Huxley Europe Ltd.

2015-33  Adoption of Final Administrative Rule

2015-32  Renewal of Key Employee (Jackson)

2015-31  Executive Director Delegation to Consider Reapplication Waiver Requests

2015-30  Key Employees (Ascoli, Babler, Demolli, Pennington, Prescott, Scaccetti)

2015-29  Renewal of Key Employees (Andrews, Kozier, Lennette, Rivera)

2015-28  Renewal of Casino Operator License for Hollywood Casino Columbus

2015-27  Renewal of Gaming-Related Vendor License for JCM American Corporation and Japan Cash Machine CO, Ltd. & 9 Key Employees

2015-26  Renewal of Key Employees (Nardone)

2015-25  Key Employees (Bone, Peters)

2015-24  Adoption of Final Administrative Rule

2015-23  Key Employees (Fay, McDonald, Quigley, Schneider)

2015-22  Consideration of Penn National Gaming Debt Transaction

2015-21  Renewal of Key Employees (Charlier, Gemma, Godai, Hart, Knutsson)

2015-20  Key Employees (Leuschen, Renzi)

2015-19  Renewal of Key Employees (Broderick, Findlay, Sjoberg)

2015-18  Renewal of Gaming-Related Vendor License for NRT Technology Corporation & 5 Key Employees

2015-17  Renewal of Gaming-Related Vendor License for Tech Art Inc. & 7 Key Employees

2015-16  Renewal of Gaming-Related Vendor License for The United States Playing Card Company & 6 Key Employees

2015-15  Renewal of Gaming-Related Vendor License for Gaming Partners International USA Inc. & 8 Key Employees

2015-14  Renewal of Gaming-Related Vendor License for Aristocrat Technologies Inc. & 8 Key Employees

2015-13  Renewal of Key Employees (Birney, Dahm, Goodman, Hopkins, Loprete, Pugh, St. Jean)

2015-12  Renewal of Key Employees (14 Individuals)

2015-11  Rock Ohio Caesars Proposed Debt Transaction

2015-10  Renewal of Gaming-Related Vendor License for Konami Gaming Inc. & 7 Key Employees

2015-09  Key Employees (Alves, Connelly, Haddrill, Hunsberger, Isaacs, Parente, Riehm, Reilly, Sadusky, Satre, Schweinfurth, Tom)  

2015-08  Key Employees (Barbato, Brinkman, Glover, Howard, Kaminski, Rodriguez, Tousant)

2015-07  Management Company License for Rock Gaming, LLC & 1 Key Employee (Amended 05/20/2015)

2015-06  Renewal of Casino Operator License for Rock Ohio Caesars Cleveland, LLC & 6 Key Employees

2015-05  Key Employees (McDonald, Miglionico-Poulsen, Mooberry)

2015-04  Casino Gaming Employee License Renewals (494 individuals)

2015-03  Key Employees (Schiebelhuth, Sweeny, Tanaka, Yamaguchi)

2015-02  Gaming-Related Vendor Licenses for GTECH USA, GTECH Canada and IGT

2015-01  Key Employees (Archey, Stechyshyn)


2014-27  Renewal of Gaming Laboratories International, LLC as an Independent Test Lab

2014-26  Renewal of Eclipse Compliance Testing as an Independent Testing Lab

2014-25  Renewal of BMM North America as an Independent Testing Lab

2014-24  Key Employees (Clements, Davis, Smith, Yoshikawa)

2014-23  Gaming-Related Vendor License for Multimedia Games, Inc.

2014-22  Penn National Approval - Ernst & Young LLP as Independent Auditor

2014-21  Key Employees (Cherry, Harwood, Lambert, LeFevre, Morse, Sasso)

2014-20  ROC Approval - Deloitte & Touche LLP as Independent Auditor

2014-19  Key Employees (Griffin, Stauber, Winograd)

2014-18  Gaming-Related Vendor License for Bally Gaming, Inc.

2014-17  Key Employees (Carter, Dodd, Dziak, Lokke, O'Donnell, Perelman)

2014-16  Provisional Key Employee (Carter)

2014-15  Provisional Key Employee (Lokke)

2014-14  Key Employees (Chary, Dunkeson, Perez, Taylor, Vadovski)

2014-13  Key Employees (Fair, Lim, Meacham)

2014-12  Rock Ohio Caesars Proposed Amendment to Loan Agreement

2014-11  Key Employees (Conlon, Sinopoli) 

2014-10  Key Employees (Ives, Mahrous, Metcalfe, Tomback)

2014-09  Gaming-Related Vendor License for Ainsworth Game Technology, Inc.

2014-08  Adoption of Final Administrative Rules

2014-07  Key Employees (Brown, James, Moore, Sottosanti)

2014-06  Rock Ohio Caesars Proposed Debt Transaction

2014-05  Key Employees (Gowen, Lever, Mann, Sigrist, Weber)

2014-04  Key Employee Licenses (Brown, Wilbur)

2014-03  Gaming-Related Vendor Licenses for Interblock USA and Elektronchek

2014-02  Key Employee Licenses (Cameron, Farulla, Kleisner, Ryan)

2014-01  Gaming-Related Vendor License for Higbee Mothership LLC


2013-32  Provisional Key Employee Licenses (Wilbur, Brown)

2013-31  Key Employee Licenses (Huntley, Jenkins, Montgomery, Takagaki, Yoshimura)

2013-30  Adoption of Administrative Rules: 3772-1-01, 3772-6-04, 3772-9-02, 3772-9-13, 3772-10-18, 3772-10-19, 3772-10-24, 3772-11-06, 3772-11-11, 3772-11-23, 3772-11-37

2013-29  Key Employee Licenses(Brockdorf, Hart, Hogan, Thompson)

2013-28  Gaming-Related Vendor License for SHFL Entertainment

2013-27  Penn National approval- Ernst & Young as independent auditor

2013-26  Key Employee Licenses (Congemi, Henson, MacIntosh, Myhre)

2013-25  Gaming Related Vendor License for WMS Gaming, 14 Key Employee Licenses, Provisional Key Employee License

2013-24  ROC approval - Deloitte & Touche as auditor

2013-23  Key Employee Licenses (Naples, Poulton)

2013-22  Gaming Related Vendor License for GLP Capital and 2 Key Employee Licenses

2013-21  Key Employee Licenses (Cravens, Gaskins, Moreno, Quarantillo)

2013-20  Penn Tenant, LLC Gaming Related Vendor License

2013-19  Penn Ventures, LLC application for licensure as Casino Operator

2013-18  Penn National Gaming Proposed Debt Transaction Related to Corporate Restructuring & REIT Formation

2013-17  Provisional Key Employee License (Quarantillo/Penn)

2013-16  Key Employee Licenses (Crossen, McTavish, Paull, Silvers)

2013-15  ROC Proposed Debt Transaction

2013-14  Spielo International USA, and Spielo Canada vendor license and 24 Key Employees

2013-13  Final Filing / 7 Admin Rules: 3772-3-06,3772-5-06, 3772-8-06, 3772-10-03, 3772-10-29, 3772-11-42, 3772-13-02

2013-12  Four (4) Key Employee Licenses

2013-11  7 Key Employee Licenses

2013-10  Vendor License for Global Cash Access and 12 key employees

2013-09  Final Filing / 5 Admin Rules

2013-08  8 Key Employee Licenses

2013-07  Horseshoe Cincinnati Management LLC Management Company License

2013-06  Rock Ohio Caesars Cincinnati LLC Casino Operator License

2013-05  Rock Ohio Caesars LLC d/b/a Horseshoe Casino Cincinnati Internal Control Plans

2013-04  Approval of charities for controlled opening Rock Ohio Caesars (d/b/a Horseshoe Casino Cincinnati)

2013-03  Applications for 355 Casino Gaming Employee licenses

2013-02  Applications of 4 individuals for Key Employee licenses (Baranick, Martin, Skinner & Spencer)

2013-01  Applications of 14 individuals for Key Employee Licenses (Cincinnati Horseshoe Casino)


2012-92  Approval of Penn’s request for Ernst & Young as auditor / annual financial review

2012-91  Ainsworth Game Technology Ltd. Gaming-Related Vendor License

2012-90  Final adoption of Administrative Rules: Gaming Supplies, ICs, and Table Games

2012-89  Delegation of authority to Exec. Dir. to begin process imposing sanctions

2012-88  Gaming Related Vendor License for TCS Huxley America Inc., and TCS Huxley Europe Ltd.

2012-87  Application of Todd Mick, Atlantic City Coin & Slot, for Key Employee License

2012-86  Application of Robert Jackson, Gaming Partners International, for Key Employee License

2012-85  Application of Joshua Faish, KGM Gaming, for Key Employee License

2012-84  Application of Atul Bali of Aristocrat Tech, for Key Employee License

2012-83  Application of Robert M. Jackson Jr., for a Provisional Key Employee License

2012-82  Application of Joshua Faish for a Provisional Key Employee License

2012-81  Application of Caesars Entertainment Corporation Key Employee Tariq M. Shaukat for Licensure

2012-80  Application of Gemaco, Inc. for  Gaming-Related Vendor License

2012-79  Consideration of Rock Ohio Caesars LLC’s Proposed Debt Transaction

2012-78  License to Casino Operator Central Ohio Gaming Ventures LLC (D/B/A Hollywood Casino Columbus)

2012-77  Approval of charities for controlled opening Hollywood Casino Columbus

2012-76  Consideration of application of Atul Bali for a Provisional Key Employee License

2012-75  Consideration of application of AC Slots, Inc. Key Employee Sean Evans for Licensure

2012-74  Consideration of applications of Central Ohio Gaming Ventures LLC employees for Key Employee Licenses

2012-73  Internal Control Plans for Central Ohio Gaming Ventures

2012-72  Surety Bond for Central Ohio Gaming Ventures, d/b/a Hollywood Casino Columbus

2012-71  Grant 178 Casino Gaming Employee licenses

2012-70  Japan Cash Machine Co & JCM American Gaming-Related Vendor Licenses

2012-69  KGM Gaming LLC Gaming-Related Vendor License

2012-68  Key Employee Licenses

2012-67  Atlantic City Coin & Slot Gaming-Related Vendor License

2012-66  Tech Art Inc.’s Key Employees Licensure

2012-65  Toledo Gaming Ventures Key Employees for Licensure

2012-64  Insurance Approval for Gaming-Related Vendors

2012-63  Approve administrative rules re: confidential personal information

2012-62  Consideration of Applications of Multimedia Games Inc’s Key Employees for Licenses

2012-61  Delegation to Exec. Dir. for license withdrawals

2012-60  Grant 77 Casino Gaming Employee Licenses

2012-59  Provisional Key Employee Licenses for 11 Penn/Toledo employees

2012-58  Grant 150 Casino Gaming Employee licenses

2012-57  ROC and Horseshoe Cleveland /  4 key employees license

2012-56  Operator’s License for Toledo Gaming Ventures (d/b/a Hollywood Casino Toledo)

2012-55  Institutional Investor waivers for Penn Gaming

2012-54  Approve administrative rules re: Internal Controls and table games

2012-53  Multimedia Games Vendors License

2012-52  Provisional Licenses for 13 Multimedia Games Employees

2012-51  Tech Art Vendors License

2012-50  Provisional Licenses for 7 Tech Art Key Employees

2012-49  NRT Technology Vendors License & 8 Key Employees

2012-48  TCS John Huxley Vendors License & 8 Key Employees

2012-47  Aristocrat Technologies Vendors License & 14 Key Employees

2012-46  United States Playing Card Vendors License & 12 Key Employees

2012-45  GPI Vendors License & 13 Key Employees

2012-44  Grant 207 Casino Gaming Employee licenses

2012-43  License for 7 Key Employees

2012-42  License to Management Company, Horseshoe Cleveland Management Co., LLC

2012-41  License to Casino Operator, Rock Ohio Caesars Cleveland, LLC

2012-40  Institutional Investor Waiver – Lakes Entertainment

2012-39  Institutional Investor Waiver – Paulson (Caesars)

2012-38  Internal Control Plans-casino ops. and table games: Toledo Gaming Ventures

2012-37  Internal Control Plans-casino ops. and table games: Rock Ohio Caesars

2012-36  Approve Rules (10 series; 20 series)

2012-35  Approval of charities for controlled opening Toledo

2012-34  Approval of charities for controlled opening ROC Cleve

2012-33  Vendor & Key Employee License for Konami Gaming

2012-32  Vendor & Key Employee License for Shuffle Master

2012-31  Vendor & Key Employee License for IGT

2012-30  Toledo (Penn) Surveillance Plan

2012-29  Toledo (Penn) Security and Training Plan

2012-28  ROC Horseshoe Cleve. Surveillance Plan

2012-27  ROC Horseshoe Cleve. Security and Training Plan

2012-26  Toledo(Penn) Plan for Voluntary Exclusion and Problem Gaming

2012-25  ROC Plan for Voluntary Exclusion and Problem Gaming

2012-24  Delegation to Exec Dir. to approve provisional licenses for keys and gaming employees

2012-23  Grant 500 Gaming Employee Licenses

2012-22  Vendors License – WMS Gaming

2012-21  Vendors License – Bally

2012-20  Grant 861 Casino Gaming Employee Licenses

2012-19  Institutional Investor Certification Waiver – Lakes

2012-18  Institutional Investor Certification Waiver – Caesars

2012-17  Approve rules re: Disciplinary Hearings and Exclusion Lists

2012-16  Grant Casino Gaming Employee license

2012-15  Approve third party accounting or engineering firms for both Ohio casino operators.

2012-14  Acknowledge the posting of a surety bond by Horseshoe Cleveland Casino in compliance with the requirements of R.C. 3772.112

2012-13  Acknowledge the posting of a surety bond by Hollywood Toledo Casino in compliance with the requirements of R.C. 3772.112

2012-12  Grant 275 casino gaming employee licenses

2012-11  Approve Rules

2012-10  Approve Confidential Personal Information Rules for submission to JCARR

2012-9    Delegation to Executive Director to initiate license decision process

2012-8    Penn Institutional Investor Certification Waiver

2012-7    (# skipped)

2012-6    Remove Thomas Jenkin from scope of licensure requirement / ROC

2012-5    Remove Daniel Mudd from scope of licensure requirement / Fortress (Penn)

2012-4    Approval of GLI as certified testing lab for 3 years

2012-3    Delegate authority to Chair Davidson to approve BMM & Eclipse testing labs

2012-2    Scope of Licensing & Filing Status / Fortress Investment Group

2012-1   Approve Third-Party Engineering and Accounting Firms Rule, 3772-17-01


2011-27  Approve Casino Gaming Employee Rules, Sections 3772:8-01 through 8-04.

2011-26  Approve Modified Exhibit A for Rock Ohio Caesars.

2011-25  Approve Gaming-Related Vendor License Rules, Sections 3772:6-01 through 3772:6-04

2011-24  Approve Key Employee License Rules, Sections 3772:5-01 through 3772:5-04

2011-23  Approve debt transaction rule approved by JCARR

2011-22  Approval of Spectrum Gaming Group’s recommendations on Blueprint Review for Rock Ohio Caesars

2011-21  Scope of Licensing / Penn

2011-20  (# skipped)

2011-19  Appoint Matt Schuler as Executive Director

2011-18  Approve personal services contract for Rick Anthony

2011-17  Approve personal services contract extension for John Williams

2011-16  Final approval to rules approved by JCARR

2011-15  Approve Code of conduct

2011-14  Approve Third Party Accounting and Engineering Rule

2011-13  Approve Gaming Employee License Rule

2011-12  Approve Gaming Vendor License Rule

2011-11  Approve Key Employee Rule

2011-10  Debt transaction approval for Rock Ohio Caesars

2011-9    Approve Surveillance Standards

2011-8    Approve Debt Transaction Rule

2011-7    Approve Personal Services Contract for Joy Estose

2011-6    Rules on Instructions for Casino Operator/Management Co/Holding Co License Application as adopted by JCARR

2011-5    Changes to rules re: Instructions for Casino Owner/Operator/Management Co./Holding Co. License Application

2011-4    Approve Rules re: General Provisions; Organization and Operation; Insurance; and Security, Surveillance System and Commission Facilities

2011-3    Chair Davidson as designee to determine and inform Ohio LSC re: access to electronic rule-filing

2011-2    Application Instructions for Casino Owner/Operator/Management Co/Holding Co License

2011-1   Records Retention Schedule

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