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Compliance: Monthly Casino Revenue Reports

2016 Ohio Casino Revenue Report (Calendar Year - PDF)     Excel Format

2015 Ohio Casino Revenue Report (Calendar Year - PDF)     Excel Format

2014 Ohio Casino Revenue Report (Calendar Year - PDF)     Excel Format

2013 Ohio Casino Revenue Report (Calendar Year)

2012 Ohio Casino Revenue Report (Calendar Year)

Each month, the Division of Regulatory Compliance produces a casino revenue report. Ohio casinos are taxed at a rate of 33 percent on Gross Casino Revenue. The Commission works with the state's Department of Taxation to ensure Ohio's casinos report accurate tax return data to the state. The state then disburses the tax revenue to the following funds: 51 percent is directed to the County Fund, 34 percent to the Student Fund, 5 percent to the Host City Fund, 3 percent each to the Ohio State Racing Commission and the Ohio Casino Control Commission and 2 percent each to the Law Enforcement Training Fund and the Problem Gambling and Addictions Fund. In addition, the posted revenue data confirms that each casino is complying with the statutorily required theoretical slot payout of 85 percent.

To view the disbursement reports visit the Ohio Department of Taxation's website

Click here to view casino revenue tax disbursement totals.

To view revenue reports for Ohio's racinos, visit the Ohio Lottery Commission's website.

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