Casino Gaming Employee Application

If your Employer has informed you that you are required to be licensed as a Casino Gaming Employee in order to work in your position, then you must complete the application below.

Casino Gaming Employee License Application 
Non-Criminal Justice Applicant Privacy Rights Statement
Non-Criminal Justice Applicant Rights Statement
Privacy Act Statement

Please Note
The attached form may be completed online and printed. However, it cannot be saved or submitted electronically.

Once you've completed the Casino Gaming Employee Application in its entirety, contact the hiring casino that is sponsoring your application. The casino will contact the Ohio Casino Control Commission (OCCC) to schedule an appointment for you to submit your application and be fingerprinted. You will need all mandatory forms of identification at the time of submission. If your name on any of the provided identification is different than your name on your application, you must also provide a court ordered name change, marriage certificate, or a divorce decree.

*Pages 2-5 of the Casino Gaming Employee Application provide instructions and explains how to complete your application.*

 **Please allow at least 12 weeks for your application to be processed**

Check Status

To check the current status of a Casino Gaming Employee license, please visit the eLicense website. Select “Casino Control Commission” under the section where you are prompted to choose a Board, select your profession (license type), enter your name (last,first), then click the "search" button to retrieve your application status.

Please Note
A "submitted" status indicates that your application is still being processed. If further information is needed to complete your background investigation, you will be contacted from personnel within our offices.  

 **Please allow at least 12 weeks for your application to be processed**

Duty to Update Information
All casino gaming employee licensees and applicants must submit to the Ohio Casino Control Commission the required information per Ohio Administrative Code, chapter 3772-8-04.

You should fill out the Duty to Update form if:

  • You have changed your name, address or primary phone information 
  • You have any updated information regarding criminal, legal or financial information
  • You have had a gaming employment or licensing issue that would impact your suitability as a Casino Gaming Employee 

Duty to Update Information Form

The completed and signed form should be mailed to:

Ohio Casino Control Commission
Attn:Licensing & Investigations
100 E. Broad Street, 20th Floor
Columbus, Ohio 43215

Have you or your spouse served in the US military?

Senate Bill 7 provides temporary or permanent reciprocity for an individual on military duty in Ohio or that individual’s spouse if the individual holds a license to practice the trade issued by any other state or jurisdiction, the individual is in good standing in that state or jurisdiction, and the individual provides adequate proof of the military duty or the spouses’ military duty.  Further, the law also instructs the Commission to expedite the licensure process for military-related individuals, including service members, veterans, and spouses or surviving spouses of service members or veterans. 

The Military Status Form should accompany all casino-gaming-employee or key-employee applications for individuals that fall into any of the categories mentioned above.  This form, along with the required documentation, will provide the Commission with the necessary information to determine an individual’s eligibility for reciprocity or to have their license application expedited. 

Request for Disqualification Information

Pursuant to Senate Bill 255 of the 132nd General Assembly, an individual who has been convicted of any criminal offense may request, at any time, that the Commission determine whether the conviction disqualifies the individual from obtaining a license issued by the Commission. (ORC 9.78). To do so, an individual must complete the Request for Licensing Disqualification Information form. Once completed, the form may be sent to the Commission in any of the manners indicated on the form. Upon receipt of a complete form, the Commission has up to 30 days to inform the individual, based on the criminal-record information submitted, if the individual is disqualified from licensure. Please note, the Commission is not bound by this determination; if, through further investigation, the Commission determines that the individual’s criminal history differs from the information presented in the form.

In general, an individual is disqualified from licensure if the individual has been convicted of, or has pleaded guilty or no contest to, any gambling offense, any theft offense, any offense having an element of fraud or misrepresentation, any offense having an element of moral turpitude, or any other felony. (ORC 3772.07; 3772.10)

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