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To ensure the integrity of fantasy contests, oversight was granted to the Ohio Casino Control Commission by the Ohio General Assembly with the passage of House Bill 132 of the 132nd General Assembly. Through this Act, the General Assembly expressly defined fantasy contests and exempted those contests from the criminal gambling prohibitions located in R.C. Chapter 2915. The Act, as codified in R.C. Chapter 3774, also granted the Commission jurisdiction over all those involved with fantasy contests, including the ability to license, regulate, investigate, and penalize operators. The law also provides several important consumer protections.

Building on the framework provided by the General Assembly, the Commission adopted the administrative rules contained in Ohio Adm.Code Chapter 3772-74. This Chapter contains the details of the Commission’s licensing, consumer protection, and regulatory compliance processes. These rules became effective on September 3, 2019. For more information on the Commission's Licensure, Regulatory Compliance and Responsible Gaming efforts, please click on the applicable link.

A listing of fantasy contest operators and auditors that have applied for licensure with the Commission or have an active license can be found here.

Questions? Contact Aleah Page, Deputy Director of Licensing at or by phone at 614-387-5617.

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