The Commission seeks to ensure that fantasy contests are conducted with high integrity and in accordance with the law. To achieve these goals, the Commission oversees and works with operators and those individuals and entities engaging in the conduct of fantasy contests. Please see the below information for more on fantasy contest regulatory compliance.

Internal Procedures

In addition to the regulatory requirements contained in R.C. Chapter 3774 and Ohio Adm.Code Chapter 3772-74, operators are required to draft, implement, and follow internal procedures for ensuring compliance with important consumer protections. These procedures include ensuring that state and federal privacy rights are met, providing players with information on playing responsibly, verifying the identity of players, ensuring player funds are kept safe and segregated from operational funds, and operating a voluntary restriction program, to name a few. For a complete list of required internal procedures, please see Ohio Adm.Code 3772-74-10.

Importantly, operators must file these procedures with the Commission as part of their application, and all updates made to these procedures must be filed with the Commission prior to or contemporaneous with the change becoming effective. Operators should file any amendments to these procedures using the Commission’s Duty to Update Information Form and should mark and track all changes from the prior version of the procedures on file.


Operators are required to undergo both financial and compliance audits to ensure their ongoing financial suitability and regulatory compliance. This includes an annual financial audit and a compliance audit once per licensure period. These audits must be conducted by a third-party certified public accountant or certified public accounting firm (“auditor”) approved by the Commission. Once the Commission approves an auditor for use, that auditor may be used for any required fantasy contest audit, unless specified otherwise. For more information on audits, please see our Audit Requirements page. For a list of currently approved auditors, please see the Commission’s Fantasy Contest Applicants, Approvals, and Authorizations.

Interested in becoming an approved auditor? Please complete the Commission’s Request for Approval Form and submit it to Craig Donahue, Director of Regulatory Compliance, at

Patron Inquiries & Complaints

An important part of ensuring compliance in any regulatory framework is patron-driven inquiries and complaints. While the Commission encourages patrons to first address issues or concerns with the applicable operator, you may file the inquiry or complaint directly with the Commission. To do so, visit the Commission’s Patron Complaint/Inquiry Page. Please understand that while patron inquiries and complaints help the Commission ensure the integrity of fantasy contests, the Commission will not be able to provide you with legal advice or file legal actions or obtain legal remedies on your behalf. If you seek such advice, action, or relief, the Commission encourages you to consult with private legal counsel.

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