Fantasy Contest Licensure

Operator and Management Company Applications

To offer fantasy contests in Ohio, a person must obtain an operator license. Additionally, any organization managing the day-to-day operations of an operator may need to obtain a management company license. If you are an operator or management company seeking licensure, please fill out and submit the Fantasy Contest Operator and Management Company Application. Please read the instructions thoroughly and submit the application as directed. If additional appendices are needed, please use the appendix forms located on the Commission’s Fantasy Contests Forms and Appendices webpage. For more information on licensure requirements and standards, operator licensure, or management company licensure, please click the applicable link.

Duty to Update Information

If you are an operator or management company who has already applied for licensure or who has already received a license, please note that you are under a continuing duty to update the Commission regarding much of the information submitted in your application. To do so, please use the Commission’s Fantasy Contest Duty to Update Information Form and include any applicable appendices.

Licensees, Approvals, and Authorizations

Currently, in addition to licensed operators, those operators that meet a statutory safe harbor are also permitted to offer fantasy contests in Ohio. This safe harbor applies to operators that were offering contests in Ohio when House Bill 132 took effect (March 23, 2018), so long as they submitted their initial application to the Commission no later than October 3, 2019. If so, the operator may continue in business until the Commission makes a final licensing determination. For a list of operators that have applied for licensure or have an active license, as well as those operators that are covered by the safe harbor provision, please see the Commission's Fantasy Contest Applicants, Approvals and Authorizations.


Contact Aleah Page, Manager of Licensing – Casino Gaming and Fantasy Contests at or by phone at 614-387-5617.

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