Hearing Process

Frequently Asked Questions about the Hearing Process

Ohio Casino Control Commission Administrative Hearing Manual

The hearing process is designed to ensure that due process is afforded to any individual or entity before the Commission takes administrative action against them. This is accomplished through the Commission’s issuance of a notice of opportunity for hearing, in which the Commission describes the intended administrative action and the allegations supporting that action. Any individual or entity receiving such a notice is entitled to a hearing if requested within 30 days of the notice mailing date. 

Among other matters, hearings may be scheduled for license application denials; license revocation and suspensions; the imposition of fines and penalties; and the involuntary exclusion of any person whose presence in a casino facility is determined to pose a threat to the interests of the state, to achieving the intents and purposes of the Casino Control Law, or to the strict and effective regulation of casino gaming.   

If you have questions regarding the hearing process or a notice you have received from the Commission, you may contact the Commission's Hearing Administrator:

Lara Thomas
Hearing Administrator


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