Individuals seeking to enroll in the Time Out Ohio Program, as well as those seeking to remove themselves from the program, can do so online, in person at the Commission’s offices located at each of the casino properties as well as our Main Office in downtown Columbus.

Ohio Casino Control and the Ohio Lottery Commissions partner to administer this program. Time Out Ohio offers individuals the ability to ban themselves from Ohio’s casinos, Ohio racinos and Ohio sports gaming for one year, five years or their lifetime. Once the request is validated, you are not permitted access to any Ohio casino, racino properties and to participate in Ohio sports gaming during the length of the self-imposed ban. This ban may include affiliated properties outside of Ohio.

If you are discovered at a banned facility or banned entity after enrolling in Time Out Ohio, you must surrender any money or thing of value that you convert or attempt to convert into a wagering instrument (such as jackpots, slot tickets, TITOs, chips) and any winnings gained from these. These surrendered funds will be used to fund state problem gambling and addictions services. 

Upon your discovery, you will be removed, and you may be charged with criminal trespassing.

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