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Licenses Related to Skill-Based Amusement Machines

All key employees, type-B operators, type-C operators, vendors, and type-C locations must be licensed by the Commission prior to conducting or participating in conducting skill-based amusement machine (SBAM) gaming in Ohio. 

Once an application for licensure is submitted to the Commission, the Skill Games Division conducts an investigation and determines whether applicants are eligible for licensure. An application is comprised of a completed application, any required supplemental documentation, and a non-refundable application fee. All applicants must establish their suitability for licensure by clear and convincing evidence. Suitability investigations result in a recommendation to the Commission to either grant or deny a license. 

If the Commission determines that the applicant is suitable to be issued a license, the applicant will be required to pay a non-refundable licensing fee to receive the license. 

License Type Application Fee Licensing Fee Licensing Period
SBAM Key Employee $25 $25 3 Years
Type-C SBAM Location $25 $25 3 Years
Type-C SBAM Operator $250 $250 3 Years
Type-B SBAM Operator $125 $125 3 Years
SBAM Vendor $250 $250 3 Years

* Licenses are valid for up to three years, and then must be renewed prior to the expiration date. During this period, the Commission has the authority to reopen an licensing investigation at any time. This ensures that Ohio licensees remain suitable to conduct or participate in skill-based amusement machine gaming.

Applications and associated fees must be submitted via the state of Ohio eLicense portal. Individuals having trouble accessing the eLicense system or who encounter technical difficulties can call 855-405-5514 for assistance.

License Application Checklists
Those applying for a license related to skill-based amusement machines (see license descriptions here) are encouraged to use the checklists below prior to beginning the application process to ensure they have all the documentation/information needed to complete their application. (Having trouble determining which license type you should apply for? Click here for help.)

SBAM Key Employee Checklist

SBAM Vendor Checklist

SBAM Type-B Operator Checklist

SBAM Type-C Operator Checklist

SBAM Location Checklist

Duty to Update Information
Applicants, licensees, and registrants have a continuing duty to update the Commission if any of the information submitted in connection with an application has changed.  Updates must be provided to the Commission within 30 calendar days after the change or occurrence of the event. Changes that must be reported are:

  • Change in name, address, or contact information;
  • Changes to the state of incorporation or principal place of business;
  • Changes in criminal, legal, or financial information;
  • Inquiries, investigations, or regulatory actions by any casino gaming or skill-based amusement machine gaming regulatory agencies in any jurisdiction (except for routine renewals);
  • Rejections, denials, revocations, fines, penalties, or settlements associated with gaming-related licensure or equivalent authorization in any jurisdiction;
  • Any other information that might affect suitability to obtain or maintain a license under Chapters 2915. and 3772. of the Revised Code or Ohio Adm. Code 3772-50-11.

For your convenience, a Duty to Update Information service request can be submitted by logging into the state of Ohio eLicense portal.  From the eLicense dashboard, locate the license or application you wish to update by clicking “Options,” then choosing “Duty to Update Information.”

State of Ohio eLicense Portal

Technical difficulties with eLicense? Call 855-405-5514 for assistance.


User Tutorials

Have you or your spouse served in the US military?

Pursuant to Senate Bill 7, the Commission will expedite the licensure process for service members, veterans, and spouses or surviving spouses of service members or veterans seeking licensure as a Skill-Based Amusement Machine Key Employee.

For consideration in having your Skill-Based Amusement Machine Key Employee License application expedited, e-mail the Military Status Form to This form, along with the required documentation listed in the form, will provide the Commission with the necessary information to determine an individual’s eligibility to have their license application expedited. 

All Skill-Based Amusement Machine Key Employee License applications must be submitted using the Ohio Professional Licensure portal eLicense.

Disqualifying Offense List & Request for Licensing Disqualification Information

Pursuant to House Bill 263 of the 133rd General Assembly, also known as the Fresh Start Act, a list of criminal offenses for which a conviction, judicial finding of guilt, or plea of guilty may disqualify an individual from obtaining an initial license issued by the Commission can be found here.

An individual who has been convicted of any criminal offense may request, at any time, that the Commission determine whether the conviction disqualifies the individual from obtaining a license issued by the Commission.  R.C. 9.78. To do so, an individual must complete the Request for Licensing Disqualification Information Form. Once completed, the Form may be sent to the Commission in any of the manners indicated on the Form. Upon receipt of a complete Form, the Commission has up to 30 days to inform the individual, based on the criminal-record information submitted, if the individual is disqualified from licensure. The Commission is not bound by this determination; if, through further investigation, the Commission determines that the individual’s criminal history differs from the information presented in the Form.

Please note that a disqualification may be, but is not guaranteed to be, overcome if the individual applying for the license or, as applicable, the individual’s employee, holds a certificate of qualification for employment issued under R.C. 2953.25 or a certificate of achievement and employability issued under R.C. 2961.22 of the Revised Code. As such, please attach and submit as part of the Request for Licensing Disqualification Form any such certificates you may have received.

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