Sports Gaming Business Licensing

All sports gaming proprietors, services providers, and suppliers must be licensed to operate in Ohio. If you have questions as to whether your business fits into one of these categories, please see R.C. Chapter 3775, the rules adopted thereunder, and the Commission’s sports gaming FAQs. In particular, R.C. 3775.01, Ohio Adm.Code rule 3775-1-01, and Ohio Adm.Code Chapters 3775-4, 3775-9, and 3775-16 will be of assistance.

In applying for a license, applicants are urged to read the instructions thoroughly. Any application must be completed in its entirety and submitted, with all required documents or exhibits, and submitted to the Commission, as described in the instructions. Applications are to be completed and submitted electronically. This includes submission of the applicable application fee, which is to be paid via ACH. To obtain information on how to submit your electronic (ACH) payments to the Commission, please contact

Business Entity Applications and Forms

Checking Application Status
For a complete list of all current sports gaming proprietor or services provider applicants or licensees, please visit the Sports Gaming Licensing Main Page.

Duty to Update
All business entity applicants and licensees are required to update the Commission on changes to information as specified in Ohio Adm.Code 3775-4-01. Updates must be provided to the Commission within 10 calendar days after the change or occurrence of the event.

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