Sports Gaming Occupational (Natural Person) Licensing

Sports gaming employees must be licensed to participate in sports gaming in Ohio. If you have questions as to whether you need an occupational license, please see R.C. Chapter 3775, the rules adopted thereunder, and the Commission’s sports gaming FAQs. In particular, R.C. 3775.01 and 3775.06 and Ohio Adm.Code 3775-1-01 and 3775-4-09 will be of assistance. Your employer will also be able to inform you as to whether a license is needed to work in your position.

In applying for a license, applicants are urged to read the instructions thoroughly. Please consult with the proprietor, services provider, or supplier you are affiliated with for additional instructions on how to file your application. These entities are required to pay the Commission for all fees associated with your application. An application is not considered complete and will not be processed until all forms, including any attachments, have been completed and submitted, fingerprints collected, and all fees paid. The Commission does not accept applications from individuals not associated with a proprietor, services provider, or supplier.

Occupational (Natural Person) Applications
Key Employees—a complete key application includes both of the following forms (unless otherwise instructed):

Standard Employees:


Duty to Update
All occupational applicants and licensees are required to update the Commission on changes to information specified in Ohio Adm.Code 3775-4-01(G). Applicants may do so by submitting the Duty to Update Information Form. Updates must be provided to the Commission within 10 calendar days after the change or occurrence of the event.

Checking Application Status
Applicants can check the status of their application via the state’s eLicense portal. Please note that a "submitted" status indicates that your application is still being processed, which includes the processing of a criminal records check. If further information is needed to complete your background investigation, you will be contacted by Commission staff.

Phone: 614-387-5688

Disqualifying Offense List & Request for Licensing Disqualification Information

Pursuant to House Bill 263 of the 133rd General Assembly, also known as the Fresh Start Act, a list of criminal offenses for which a conviction, judicial finding of guilt, or plea of guilty may disqualify an individual from obtaining an initial license issued by the Commission can be found here.

An individual who has been convicted of any criminal offense may request, at any time, that the Commission determine whether the conviction disqualifies the individual from obtaining a license issued by the Commission.  R.C. 9.78. To do so, an individual must complete the Request for Licensing Disqualification Information Form. Once completed, the Form may be sent to the Commission in any of the manners indicated on the Form. Upon receipt of a complete Form, the Commission has up to 30 days to inform the individual, based on the criminal-record information submitted, if the individual is disqualified from licensure. The Commission is not bound by this determination; if, through further investigation, the Commission determines that the individual’s criminal history differs from the information presented in the Form.

Please note that a disqualification may be, but is not guaranteed to be, overcome if the individual applying for the license or, as applicable, the individual’s employee, holds a certificate of qualification for employment issued under R.C. 2953.25 or a certificate of achievement and employability issued under R.C. 2961.22 of the Revised Code. As such, please attach and submit as part of the Request for Licensing Disqualification Form any such certificates you may have received.

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Have you or your spouse served in the US military?

Senate Bill 7 provides temporary or permanent reciprocity for an individual on military duty in Ohio or that individual’s spouse if the individual holds a license to practice the trade issued by any other state or jurisdiction, the individual is in good standing in that state or jurisdiction, and the individual provides adequate proof of the military duty or the spouses’ military duty.  Further, the law also instructs the Commission to expedite the licensure process for military-related individuals, including service members, veterans, and spouses or surviving spouses of service members or veterans. 

The Military Status Form should accompany all sports gaming employee or sports gaming key-employee applications for individuals that fall into any of the categories mentioned above.  This form, along with the required documentation, will provide the Commission with the necessary information to determine an individual’s eligibility for reciprocity or to have their license application expedited.