Type-C Gaming Host Licensing

Shared oversight of Sports Gaming has been granted to the Ohio Casino Control Commission (Commission) and the Ohio Lottery Commission (Lottery).  As such, additional information regarding Type-C Sports Gaming can be found on the Ohio Lottery Commission’s website.

Type-C Sports Gaming Host License Eligibility Requirements
Persons who meet all the following requirements may apply for a Type-C Sports Gaming Host license:

  • Holds a valid D-1, D-2, or D-5 liquor permit under Chapter 4303. of the Revised Code; 
  • Holds a valid lottery sales agent license under Chapter 3770. of the Revised Code; 
  • Have a current recommendation for licensure by the Lottery; 
  • Are a for-profit corporation or association.

License Application Submission Date
The Commission will accept Type-C Gaming Host License applications beginning July 15, 2022. The deadline to submit an application is August 15, 2022.  Applications and associated fees must be submitted via the Ohio eLicense Portal. Please note that this portal will not be available until July 15 and the Commission will not be accepting applications before this date.

Duty to Update
All occupational licensees are required to update the Commission on changes to information specified in proposed Ohio Adm.Code 3775-4-01(G). Applicants may do so by using the state's eLicense portal starting July 15. Updates must be provided to the Commission within 10 calendar days after the change or occurrence of the event.

E-mail: sportsgaming@casinocontrol.ohio.gov
Phone: 614-387-5688

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